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Unforunately, I was unable to attend your booth. However, I would still like to be added to yout mailing lists and participate in your events. Thanks, Martin.


Hi guys!


SWE is planning on holding a mixer to promote diversity in engineering in late April/early May, and we were wondering if you guys would be interested in working with us to make this possible?

The date and activity are flexible, but we’d really love to have you guys be a part of this!

If you are interested, please email us back and fill out the when2meet so we can discuss more details in person: We hope to see you all soon!




Want to be part of a live music video experience with glamazon hip-hop icon Shasta Geaux Pop? Join multidisciplinary artists Ayesha Jordan and Jordan Hicks in Line by Line, a work-in-progress/performance/event incorporating new sounds by Shasta inspired by creole music culture, zydeco, and New Orleans bounce. Shasta is planning a vibrantly razor-sharp comeback that is audacious and full of surprises, paying homage to her southern roots while acknowledging the contradictions they play in her present.
Event is Free and open to the public
Friday, February 15 at 8pm in MIT Building W97

More info at

Hello, to whom it may concern, I just wanted to alert your students to a First-Year Experimental Learning Opportunity being offered to help students train and develop research skills in their home communities. 

The Departments of Urban Studies and Planning and Architecture are offering a paid opportunity to up to thirty (30) students to attend a research seminar together for the fall semester, leading into research with a faculty member in the spring. We do research using a variety of methods, but often addressing issues of design, sustainability, affordable housing, community and economic development, aesthetics, and climate, environmental, social, and racial justice, just to mention a few areas of active work among many.

During pandemic, this is a good way for students to meet each other, to meet faculty, and to understand their home communities better. Learning new research skills will help new MIT students see where they are differently, explore how to create positive changes there, and share their home experiences with one another.

If you are interested, the application deadline is September 11th at 5 pm. Apply on Handshake, look under "First Year ELO: Doing Research Together in Your Home Communities.", or here:"